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Bobcat E26

Bobcat E26 Compact Excavator

The Bobcat® E26 compact excavator features minimal tail swing to reduce the risk of damage to the machine and surrounding objects. Equip your E26 with attachments to dig trenches or post holes, break up concrete and carve landscape features. For added versatility, the E26 is clamp ready. With its compact size and excellent flotation, the E26 easily maneuvers established lawns, crowded job sites and sensitive surfaces.

Enjoy unmatched comfort with Auto Idle, Auto-Shift, excellent visibility, optional heat and air conditioning, adjustable arm rests, ergonomic controls, and convenient storage.

Some of the features of the Bobcat E26 are:

Minimal Tail Swing:

  • Provides compromise to offer tight tail swing machine with impressive lifting capacities.

Auto Idle:

  • Idles the engine when machine functions are not used for four seconds or more; throttle returns to previous position when joystick is moved or travel function is engaged.

Auto Shift Travel:

  • Transitions the drive motors to and from high range during travel; provides on-demand travel performance with no manual shifting. Bobcat excavators travel faster than other brands.

Piston Pump Hydraulic System:

  • Senses loads, delivers smooth control and provides exceptional metering.

Hydraulic System:

  • Provides smooth, refined operation for tough jobs.

Fingertip Swing Control:

  • Rocker-style thumb switch improves metering of the swing function and provides more floor space. Bobcat offers the best multifunctioning capabilities.

Quick Couplers:

  • Keeps auxiliary quick couplers in convenient location on the boom, but out of the trench and out of harm’s way. On some brands, quick couplers aren’t even standard equipment.

Clamp Ready:

  • Standard port relief and Clamp mount provide for easy addition of the optional Hydraulic Clamp Attachment.

X-Change System (standard):

  • Allows you to change attachments quickly with Bobcat®s exclusive system. Attachment changes should be easy.

Dual Direction Detent:

  • Standard feature that provides continuous flow for attachments.

Blade Float:

  • Simplify grading, leveling and back-filling. Smoothly finish your work with minimal operator input using the blade float.